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Plate Glass Breakers

At Custom Conveyor & Equipment Corporation, our experience in designing customized conveyors and equipment has led to the development of our plate glass breakers. These units, also known as plate glass crushers or plate glass grinders, break waste glass, or cullet, into pieces approximately two inches square, which can then be conveyed to the dumpster. The worker is able to stay at his/her station, increasing productivity and safety.

These units are available as in-floor or above-floor models, can be made for commercial or residential glass thickness, and are in use at leading window manufacturing companies.

Plate Glass Breaker Product Information

Breaker Model NumberMotor H/PRoller RPM
6MM & 12MM – Max Glass Thickness in Millimeters
AF/BF – Above Floor/ Below Floor Conveyor System

Plate Glass Breaker Mechanical Features

  • Available in two chute openings: 2.5″ x 80″ and 2.5″ x 120.”
  • Available with an in-floor or above-floor conveyor system.
  • Built for 34″ to 38″ tall breakout tables.
  • A torque limiter is installed to prevent damage from non-glass objects.
  • The maximum allowable glass thickness is 6 mm on the smaller units and 12 mm on the larger units.
  • 103 db noise level only when breaking glass. (Optional sound-deadening material reduces noise level to 93 dB.) Otherwise unit runs quietly.
  • Brushes and deflector assemblies are installed in the chute to protect the operator.
  • Average final piece approx. 2 square inches.


Increases dumpster capacity for broken shards, by volume and weight, over breaking glass by hand.

Waste glass shards are run through the breaker, and then are conveyed to the dumpster. This allows the operator to stay at his/her workstation.


The use of the brush and deflector assemblies within the chute reduces the risk of the operator(s) being injured by the shrapnel debris that can potentially be ejected from the chute during the breaking process.

This system removes the risk of injury that arises from the disposal of waste glass by hand, which involves throwing the glass into a dumpster to break it up into smaller shards.

The glass dust created by this system, compared to other glass crushing systems, is minimal, which maintains good air quality for the operator(s).

For more details or to place an order, contact us at 515-984-6929.

Service Parts

Service parts for plate glass breakers are available upon request. Contact us for more information.

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