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Custom Conveyor Solutions

For over 30 years, Custom Conveyor & Equipment Corporation has specialized in conveyor design and manufacturing. 

We design our products based on your specifications, and we build every machine from the ground up–from conceptualization to completed product–working with your engineering or maintenance staff.  

Custom Conveyor & Equipment Corporation has relocated to a larger facility to increase production capacity! We are now located in Cedar Rapids, IA, and are serving our customers coast to coast more quickly and efficiently than ever.


We’ll discuss the specifications of your job, and based on what we find, outline the best solution for you.


Our engineers draft and iterate a custom solution, tweaking it until we find the perfect one.


We manufacture your custom-made equipment solution and ensure it’s built with quality and care, every step of the way.

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This conveyor was designed to incorporate the customers existing...


This machine combines lineshaft powered rollers, a ballscrew driven...


A multi-strand plastic chain conveyor with power adjustable side...


This part feeder was an engineering colaboration between Custom...



This expansive below grade cullet handling system connects eight...



This 16′ long vacuum bed conveyor was designed to...



This above floor, single table, local cullet handling system...



A multi-strand plastic chain conveyor with power adjustable side...



This five-strand chain pop-up transfer allows for many lengths...



This part feeder was an engineering colaboration between Custom...


Designed for a heavy duty application in the rubber...

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Conveyors & Production Line

No two conveyors are identical— let’s find the one for you.

Plate Glass

In or above-floor models that increase productivity and safety.

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Material Handling Equipment

Specialty machines and equipment for a variety of applications.


Custom-made parts for custom-made solutions, supplied directly by us.

Fully Custom Solutions

At Custom Conveyor, we work with your team from conceptualization to completed product to ensure that the solution we ship is the one that you need. We will examine your application, work with you to determine the best solution, then manufacture it to your specifications. The process is thorough and results in a quality piece of equipment.

Defining Your Need

If you are starting from a problem, and do not yet know how to solve it, we are here to help. We will work with your engineering, maintenance, or operations staff to assess the needs of your process and develop an efficient solution that considers upstream and downstream process steps, as well as future growth plans. We will then translate this into a comprehensive list of requirements, setting a clear path forward.

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Engineering A Solution

Whether you worked with us to help determine the need or already know what you are looking for, we will apply our engineering talent to outline a machine design that meets or exceeds your requirements. We will work with your decision makers to balance capability and cost for a truly custom engineered solution.

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Delivering For You

Once we have a machine design locked in, we fabricate and assemble the solution in the same facility where it was designed. This tight integration gives us control over quality, and flexibility in our timelines. Our engineers and fabricators work together to perform validation runs and real-world optimization tests while the design is still easily modified. All this ensures the product is ready to run when it hits your floor.

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